Most Recent Stop Snoring Reviews with SnoreWizard

Thank you SnoreWizard

* By Rochelle from KZN
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

I am in my 50's. My husband was complaining that I was snoring and I always thought it was due to my allergies. However, my father passed away from sleep apnea and so I became interested in the cause of my snoring and had my oxygen levels tested.

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. I had a dentist construct a hard mouth piece to keep my airway open. It was very expensive. However, this moved my teeth and I had to have braces. I snored again with the braces (I couldn't wear my dental device). So I searched online for a product I could wear over my braces. I found SnoreWizard.

I have been wearing this over a year over my braces. I no longer snore. I wake up in the morning without a sore throat, have no daytime sleepiness and my husband is pleased that I am no longer snoring. Thank you SnoreWizard.


Best of the Best

* By Johan from  Johannesburg
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

I have been using the boil and bite mouth  pieces for 3 years, as i was not aware there was a one size fits all  device available on the market. The boil and bite mouth pieces did work,  but i had to replace them every 3 months which got a bit expensive, as i  used it every night. I purchased SnoreWizard online and the results were  amazing. Not only is my SnoreWizard still in excellent condition after 8  months of use, but this product is a lot more comfortable in my mouth.  Money well spent!!!


Its a Miracle!

By J.Smith from Pretoria
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

I have been driving my husband mad for  years with my snoring, I started searching online for a solution and after  doing a lot of research. I decided on giving Snorewizard a try, after all  you can't lose with the excellent money back guarantee. From the first  night my snoring stopped, it is easy to use, takes a short time to get  used to but it really is a miracle! I encourage anyone who is affected by snoring to give this fabulous product a try, you will be amazed at the results.



* By Chantal from Cape Town
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

Snoring was busy ruining my marriage. My husband and I ended up sleeping in separate bedrooms, and as newlyweds that wasn’t a good sign. I always had black lines underneath my eyes, due to lack of sleep from my snoring. My black lines are gone and my regular sleep pattern is back at last. I own 2 SnoreWizard’s, as I cant imagine accidentally misplacing it and having to go through an  evening’s rest without using this amazing product.



* By Michelle, living in Gauteng
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

I can't recommend this product enough. I  bought it for my husband to wear, as we had got to the stage of sleeping  separately to get some sleep. It took a little bit of getting used to it he said, but is fine with it now. I can't believe how wonderful silence  sounds!!! and we are back together at last, thanks to Snore wizard. Worth every penny.



* By Cheree from Durban
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

I have to be honest but i was skeptical about the snore wizard - but i ordered and it arrived really quickly. It was relatively easy to adjust to it - its just odd for a bit. Joy of joys it worked. It was for me, not my husband (who does snore - but i can sleep through it) he is a light sleeper and i only need to sigh and he is awake! Anyway i would recommend at least trying it and sticking with it coz it might just work for you and 1 will not break the bank. Go on order it!!


Excellent Result

* By Clair from Jeffreys Bay
Overall  Rating:5star_-_1a

Only had this just over a week - bought it for my husband and it works! At the moment I've relegated him to the  spare room for snoring, trouble is he'll want to move back in with me now!  I'm so relieved to have found something that works before we go away and have to share a room with no escape. Would recommend it and, with a money  back guarantee, you can't go wrong! Husband says he feels he's had a more  refreshing sleep too